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(a)Except when prohibited by local ordinance, Retailers not licensed to sell Distilled Spirits may offer online "curbside pickup" type services for sales of Malt Beverages and Wine. Purchased goods must be delivered to the purchaser's vehicle and the vehicle must be located within a clearly designated pickup area located adjacent to the Place of Business.

(b)Malt Beverages and Wine sold as part of "curbside pickup" must be pulled from the inventory located at the licensed location of the Retailer providing the "curbside pickup" and may not be pulled from the inventory of another Retailer or licensed location.

(c)Purchasers of Malt Beverage and Wine pursuant to this regulation must be registered with the Retailer prior to ordering alcoholic beverages online for "curbside pickup."

(d)Delivery of Malt Beverages and Wine may only be made if the name of the purchaser registered on the account matches the name on the driver's license or other proper identification of the individual accepting delivery. Any employee delivering Malt Beverages or Wine to a purchaser must electronically record the age of the person accepting delivery.

(1)Unless otherwise specifically permitted by this Act and these regulations, no Manufacturer, producer, Shipper, Importer, Broker, or Wholesaler, nor their employees, agents, Representatives, or anyone acting on their behalf, shall directly or indirectly:

(a)Make any gift, refund, price concession, discount, joint offer, or any concession of any kind or character;

Payment Methods

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Payment Methods
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