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30 E Crossville Rd Ste 180

Roswell, GA 30075

(770) 676-7101

Opening Hours

Tues-Wed 11am - 8pm-ish

​​Thurs-Sat: 11am - 9pm-ish

Mon/Sun: Closed

Georgia Laws

Payment Methods

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Beer Club - Founding Member Initiation Fee


Become 1 of 21 Founding Beer Club Members.


Initiation Fee includes first year membership. $99 annual membership renewal


Initial below to agree to rules. MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE!

    • What you get!

      Your membership also includes:

      • Your own drink vessels. One for Pinkies Up, one for home; Founders get special Mug
      • Pinkies Up Beer Club T-shirt
        (given at our December 9th Event)
      • Monthly bottle release events
      • Quarterly Meet the Brewer events
      • First to know of upcoming beer events and discount codes
      • 10% off groweler fills


      Initiation Fee includes first year membership. $99 annual membership renewal

    • Code of Conduct

      Pinkies Up is an appreciation club and not a drinking club. Members accept individual responsibility for their conduct and behavior at all times. The club neither assumes nor accepts responsibility for an individual’s actions or the consequences that may occur as a result of those actions.

      Code of Conduct

      • All members are expected to adhere to state and federal laws regarding the consumption of alcohol.
      • All members are to respect the property, rules, and staff of the host meeting site before, during and after any club meeting or event.
      • Any members that appear to be impaired by alcohol shall, when asked, surrender their car keys. Pinkies Up will make arrangements to have that member transported home that evening.
      • Failure to surrender car keys or outright belligerent acts while impaired will result in the termination of membership.
      • Any members exhibiting violence, intoxicated or otherwise, or representing the club in an unacceptable/unbecoming manner can and will be dismissed from club events or functions.
      • All members will treat other members with respect, promote and maintain a safe drinking environment. 
      • All members are responsible for their own actions/decisions during club events or meetings.
      • All members are responsible for arranging safe transportation from events to their final destination. 
      • Pinkies Up and 3rd Party vendors are not liable for member’s actions. 
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