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2012 joangine



45% Red Garnacha, 45% Cariñena from old vines (more than 25 years old), and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon from young vines (5-12 years old)

  • Awards and Honors


    Wine & Spirits Magazine, Feb '17 - 93 pts

  • Tasting Notes


    Rich with black fruits, figs, mint, and sweet pepper, well combined with oak flavors like vanilla, toasted dry fruits, and truffle. Structured wine with strong, but pleasant tannins, and mineral notes that come from Llicorella soil. Ripe grape bouquet typical of the Priorat Garnacha and Cariñena varieties. Open and decant 30 minutes before drinking.

  • Serve With

     This wine combines well with red meats and in general with foods with a high protein content. Also with certain cured cheeses and foie. Most recommended cooking methods: casseroles, stews and preserves. Also with sauces with a bitter touch (sauces with orange, bitter almonds, even dark chocolates with a bitter base).

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